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What Is The Age Of Brahma?

In Hindu cosmology, Brahma is regarded as the creator deity responsible for the creation, maintenance, and eventual dissolution of the universe. According to Hindu scriptures, Brahma's lifespan is divided into cosmic ages known as kalpas, each lasting for a tremendously long period of time.

One full day in the life of Brahma, known as a "Kalpa," is said to span over 4.32 billion years according to some accounts. This day is followed by a night of equal duration, during which the universe undergoes dissolution. This cycle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution is believed to repeat endlessly.

Furthermore, Brahma's lifespan is said to consist of a hundred such years, known as "Brahma years." Each Brahma year comprises 360 Brahma days and nights (or 1 Brahma day and 1 Brahma night), resulting in an incredibly vast timeframe.

Thus, the age of Brahma, as described in Hindu cosmology, is beyond human comprehension and far exceeds the scale of time we typically encounter in our daily lives. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of existence and the eternal flow of creation, preservation, and dissolution in the cosmic order according to Hindu beliefs.

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