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Who Will End Kalyug?

"Who Will End Kalyug?" is a concept rooted in Hindu mythology and philosophy. Kalyug, in Hinduism, is the last of the four stages (or ages) the world goes through as part of the cycle of Yugas, as outlined in the scriptures. It is believed to be an age of darkness, strife, and moral decline.

According to Hindu scriptures, Kalyug is said to be marked by an increase in greed, corruption, and deceit, and a decrease in righteousness and spiritual awareness. It is also believed that during Kalyug, the majority of people will be ignorant of the true nature of existence and will be led astray by material desires.

The concept of who will end Kalyug varies across different interpretations and traditions within Hinduism. Some believe that Kalyug will end with the arrival of Kalki, the tenth and final avatar (incarnation) of the Hindu god Vishnu. Kalki is prophesied to appear riding a white horse wielding a sword, bringing an end to the age of darkness and establishing a new era of righteousness known as Satya Yuga or the Golden Age.

However, it's essential to understand that interpretations of these concepts can vary widely among different Hindu sects and scholars. The idea of the end of Kalyug and the coming of Kalki is a subject of theological debate and interpretation within Hinduism.

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