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Is Hanuman Ji Still Alive?

In Hindu mythology, Hanuman is believed to be immortal, and there are various interpretations regarding his continued existence. According to Hindu scriptures and traditions, Hanuman is considered a divine being, an eternal devotee of Lord Rama, and an incarnation of Lord Shiva's divine energy.

While there isn't a consensus on whether Hanuman is physically alive in the same sense as humans, many devotees believe that he is ever-present and accessible through devotion and prayers. Hanuman is often regarded as a guardian deity who watches over his devotees and offers them strength, courage, and protection.

Some traditions suggest that Hanuman resides on the Gandhamadan mountain during the current epoch of Kali Yuga, transcending the limitations of time and mortality. This belief emphasizes Hanuman's eternal nature and his role as a symbol of devotion and selfless service.

Regardless of the specific interpretation, Hanuman remains a revered figure in Hinduism, and his stories continue to inspire devotion, strength, and unwavering faith among millions of people around the world.

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