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Who Killed Ravana?

In Hindu mythology, the demon king Ravana was killed by Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu. The story of Ravana's demise is narrated in the epic Ramayana, one of the most revered texts in Hinduism.

Ravana, the powerful and arrogant ruler of Lanka, had abducted Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, leading to a conflict between Rama and Ravana. Lord Rama, accompanied by his devoted brother Lakshmana and an army of monkeys led by Hanuman, waged war against Ravana to rescue Sita and restore righteousness.

The battle between Rama and Ravana culminated in a fierce duel on the battlefield of Lanka. Despite Ravana's extraordinary strength and magical powers, he was ultimately defeated by Lord Rama's divine prowess, as well as the blessings and assistance of various celestial beings.

In the final confrontation, Rama pierced Ravana's chest with an arrow, finally ending the demon king's life. Rama's victory over Ravana symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, righteousness over wickedness, and the fulfillment of divine justice.

The story of Rama's victory over Ravana is celebrated annually during the festival of Dussehra or Vijayadashami, marking the triumph of good over evil. It is considered one of the most significant and auspicious events in Hindu mythology.

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